Individual Giving

If there is one thing that shows us the Blyth Festival really is something special, it’s the ongoing donations from individuals here in Huron County and across Canada.

Hundreds of our ticket buyers become Members and support the Blyth Festival year after year – enjoying unique benefits that come with membership, including advance booking periods and invitations to special events.

  • Theatre lovers are also offered the opportunity to sponsor productions whether it be a single performance, or even the whole run, as part of their own charitable and philanthropic goals.
  • Donors can also make their gift last beyond their lifetimes by leaving a legacy in their wills.
  • And, our patrons, ticket holders and visitors can give the most valuable gift of all – their time –  to volunteer at a performance during our season.

All individual donors and sponsors are proudly listed on our Individual Donor Recognition Roll of Honour.

Leaving a legacy in your will

Writing a will may not sound very exciting, but it’s an essential part of safeguarding your legacy to your family and loved ones. You can also make Canadian Theatre a part of your legacy by leaving a gift in your will to the Blyth Festival Theatre.

Most people choose to leave their entire estate to their family and loved ones. However, even though there is no estate tax or inheritance tax in Canada, your estate will still be taxed as it gets transferred and distributed to your beneficiaries.

The good news is that when you choose to leave even a small part of your estate to a charity you love, estate (or “probate”) taxes can be drastically reduced. In some cases, taxes may be completely eliminated simply by leaving a gift in your will to a registered charity (like us).

The Blyth Festival is registered as charitable organization  # 11881 2056 RR0001.

It is remarkably simple to leave a gift in your existing will, or in a new will. Your lawyer or financial planner will help you leave a gift in your will to the Blyth Festival, and realize your dream of supporting Canadian theatre.

If you’ve laughed and cried and sung along with us in our theatres, and helped new stories take shape before being preserved for new generations – why stop now? A gift in your will is one of the best ways you can keep safeguarding Canada’s stories for future generations.

As a legacy donor, you play a very special role in the Blyth family. The Granary Society recognises those leaving a legacy to the Blyth Festival with a unique set of benefits and privileges. These include:

  • Granary Society events
  • Annual breakfast with the Artistic Director
  • Curtain Call, our Member newsletter
  • Priority ticket booking privileges
  • Public recognition of your generosity and visionary thinking

Please tell us when you designate a gift for Blyth Festival in your will. That way, we can thank you properly, and enrol you in this very special society.

To leave a legacy in your will, contact your lawyer, or financial advisor to ensure that any changes and additions to your Will are properly witnessed and registered.

Individuals can name Blyth Festival in their Will as the direct beneficiary of an investment (ie. RRSP or TFSA). This can be beneficial to individuals whose estates will have a tax burden on their passing. Consult your lawyer or financial advisor for more details.

To notify us that you are including Blyth Festival in your Will or to find out more please contact:

“Every farmer knows that planning ahead this season is the key to an abundant harvest next season. The Blyth Festival’s Granary program allows us to do precisely that: plan for the success of our future. By pledging your legacy donation to the Granary, you ensure that future generations of artists and audience alike, will reap the bounty of original Canadian Theatre.”

Gil Garratt, Artistic Director, Blyth Festival

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