Deeper Roots

This slate of events is directly connected to our summer season allowing audiences to connect with the art and artists on a deeper level. Make sure to stay for a post-show talk-back, book a backstage tour or come to one of our behind the scenes interviews.

Talk Backs

Please join us at 4:15 pm in the Lower Hall for a Q&A with some of the cast and crew of the show.

  • June 27 – Saving Graceland
  • July 9 – Golden Anniversary
  • August 6 – Resort to Murder
  • August 17 – The Trail of Maggie Pollack
  • September 5 – Onion Skins and Peach Fuzz: The Farmerettes


Have you ever wondered what the carpentry shop or the wardrobe department looked like? Or what was backstage at the Harvest Stage? This summer is your chance to find out. Please call the Box Office to book your place as spaces are limited.

  • Harvest Stage – 11:30 am July 17 and August 28
  • Warehouse and Shop – August 10th, 11:30 am


On July 18 and August 22 stay behind in Memorial Hall to experience the magic of a changeover. Watch our stage crew flip the set from one play to another like a well-oiled machine.

Interview Series

Ashley Williamson, our Director of Education will chat with a Blyth theatre expert. Listen to stories about the making of the Farm Show, hear about the design process from drawing to dress, and get the inside scoop on how a full season of theatre gets built. The interviews are free and will happen in the lower hall.

  • June 25, 4:30 pm – The Farm Show Talk
  • July 11, 11:30 pm – A Designer’s Process
  • August 20, 11:30 am – Blyth: Behind the Scenes

Panel Discussions

Women in Agriculture
Wednesday, August 7  – 5:30 pm
Huron County Museum – 110 North Street , Goderich

As we gear up for the world premier of Onion Skins & Peach Fuzz: The Farmerettes, by Alison Lawrence, inspired by the novel by Bonnie Sitter and Shirleyan English, we welcome several local female farmers to have a conversation about the trials, tribulations about working in this incredibly important industry.

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