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Justin Otto

Justin Otto

Role: Quint/Cam
Categories: Liars At a Funeral Cast

Justin is a former baseball player, drunk, hillbilly turned actor, writer, producer. His theatrical curiosities include new work, masculinity, the working class, adaptation, and actual chaos. A graduate of the University of Winnipeg, Second City Toronto, and a bunch of other fancy places. Justin was last seen in the premiere of Frances Koncan’s SpaceGirl (PTE) and bullying adults as Malvolio in Tim Crouch’s award-winning solo piece –  I, Malvolio (4.5 stars Winnipeg Free Press, NNNN). Upcoming: Alter Boys (CBC). His new play HORSES goes into workshops this fall. And look for updates on his short film, Drunk All the Time. 

E-transfers (commissions & treats) :

IG: @btbamotto

Also here to call out all the nepotism and class barriers to acting and the arts. Give these articles a read. Or don’t. And don’t take these bios too seriously.

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