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Jennifer Triemstra-Johnston

Jennifer Triemstra-Johnston

Role: Costume Design
Categories: The Trials of Maggie Pollock - Creative Team

Blyth Credits: The Donnellys: A TrilogyThe Drawer Boy, Jewel, Huron County Christmas Carol,  Wing Night at the Boot, Kitchen Radio, Billy Bishop Goes to War, Innocence Lost, Against the Grain, The Ballad of Stompin’ Tom, Queen Milli of Galt, Schoolhouse, The Thirteenth One, Test Drive, Overboard!, Barndance Live!

Jennifer is honoured to be working on three new productions for Blyth’s 50th season! Jennifer has been fascinated with the language of clothes since she was a teenager and the study of clothing is her passion. She is a designer, educator, creator and purveyor of costume and fashion.  Jennifer is the owner of Pick a Posie Vintage – just down the street at the corner of Wellington and Queen. Drop by for a visit!


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