Help Build Another Half-Century of Original Canadian Theatre … and DOUBLE your gift!

Make your gift TODAY to the $500K for Another 50 Years campaign, and it will be matched dollar for dollar by a generous leadership gift from the Margaret and Andrew Stephens Family Foundation.

That means you can DOUBLE the impact of any gift you make to this special anniversary campaign!

Your gift makes Canada – and the world – a better place. For now. For another 50 years.

We need your help for SO many reasons. To begin with, creating new works of Canadian theatre costs money. And it costs more money than we can raise through government support and reasonably-priced ticket sales.

But why do we need Canadian theatre in the first place? Aye … there’s the rub!

At the Blyth Festival, we believe theatre is a simulator for human empathy. Just as a pilot-in-training can strap into a flight simulator and experience what it’s really like to fly, you can strap into a play about farmers … or the Donnellys … or being accused of witchcraft … or being a new Canadian and trying to master curling – and feel what that is like.

When you leave the theatre, you have a larger understanding of someone else’s life. And we believe that opens our hearts and minds so we can bridge the gaps that threaten to divide us.

Today, those gaps are growing wider. So we need art. We need culture. We need stories that explore the lives of ordinary people who sometimes do extraordinary things. And we need those stories to be set in Canada, because a nation’s culture is its purest expression of its people and its values.

We made it through our first half century with the help of our amazing donors. Please – we need your help to make it through another. Remember: we can’t do this without YOU.

Donors will be recognized in the special $500K for 50 honour roll. This is the most ambitious campaign in our history – please make sure you’re part of it!

Thank you!

Donation family

Donation family

Pictured: Andrew Stephens (far left) with son Eric (2nd from right) and daughter in law Emily. Gil Garratt and Rachael King (centre)

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