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“HC Kid is a spectre. Or a ghost, a poltergeist, a demon. HC Kid is a shadow on the county line, started a fire in Clinton, speaks behind the waves of Bayfield and Goderich. Maybe they exist. Maybe they don’t. In the summer of 2018, The Blyth Festival Young Company opens the doors of the Phillips Studio and invites Huron County Kid in. Half fact and half fiction, HC Kid is a storytelling, spirit summoning, time traveling love letter to growing up in the middle of nowhere.”

The Blyth Festival Young Company is a free program we offer to local young people for five or six weeks in the summer. Essentially, Young Company is composed of local teenagers, ages 13-19 (anywhere from 3-17 young people), and like everything we do at Blyth, emphasizes originality- and creation-based work.

The teens get to work with a professional director for the five weeks, doing skills training, creating and developing their own show, and then they perform it in our studio theatre, with full technical support. But the work is wholly in their own original voices…created collectively….expressing their own ideas and worldview.

There is no cost other than commitment. The program is 5 days a week and usually 10am-4pm, in Blyth.

Participants also get to attend all of the shows in the Blyth season, and meet the artists who form the company.

The 2018 Young Company show will be H.C. Kid.