World Theatre Day

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For all of you Blyth Spirits climbing the isolation walls, spinning around the kitchen table again trying to remember the thrill of the proverbial curtain rising;

We’ve put out a call to Blyth Festival artists you know and love, and will be filling these digital streams with authentic, 100% original, downhome Canadian Plays.

The Pigeon King Company obliged. So here it is: A PWYC download of The Pigeon KIng Songtrack. Recorded live off the floor in a chicken barn in Holmesville Ontario.

If you don’t know the story of Arlan Galbraith and Pigeon King International: now is the perfect time to go down an internet wormhole of outrageous proportions about one of the biggest feathered frauds in Canadian history.

Created through interviews with the folks most intimately affected, this show was a huge hit at Blyth Festival in 2017, revived in 2018, and went on to the Babs Asper Theatre at the National Arts Centre in 2019.

You’re stuck inside: picture those rolling Huron County hills; it’s time to get your Blyth on.

Photo by Terry Manzo
Pictured: Rebecca Auberbach, JD Nicholsen and Gil Garratt
Link for more info:

Gil Garratt