What to Expect at the Outdoor Harvest Stage

Below is some information to help you prepare for joining us at the Outdoor Harvest Stage.

General Information
The Outdoor Harvest Stage is located in a small valley on the northwest side of the Blyth, Ontario Fairgrounds at 377 Gypsy Lane.
Please do not attend the theatre if you are not well, or experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 (new or worsening cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, temperature equal to or over 38°C, feeling feverish, chills, fatigue or weakness, muscle or body aches, new loss of smell or taste, headache, gastrointestinal symptoms).  Call the box office and alternate arrangements will be discussed.
Please plan to arrive 20-30min ahead of the performance time to allow for check in and travel to the performance site.
Please wear comfortable, sturdy shoes (no high heels needed to enjoy our outdoor stage area).  You will be walking on a pavement, gravel, and grass.
We suggest bringing a light sweater in case the temperature drops as the summer progresses
You may want to also consider sunscreen and/or bug spray.
The audience area is shaded by a semi-opaque fabric overhead.

The main parking areas is located at the Community Arena parking lot on the grounds.  There is an approximately 400m walk, on a well-packed gravel road from the parking lot to the Harvest Stage. This walk is mostly flat until it slopes into the ‘bowl’ that houses the stage area.  In your planning, please allow 10-15 minutes for leisurely travel from the parking lot to the stage.
There are 8 barrier free parking spots, and 2 limited mobility parking spots at the Harvest Stage site, close to the stage.  There is also the possibility of dropping off your loved one close to the site and then parking at the arena.  Please advise box office staff of accessibility needs at the time of ticket purchase.  With limited accessible parking, we do our best to reserve the spaces ahead of time.

Upon Arrival
After parking, make your way to the Festival staff located at the parking lot check-in booths.
For the sake of expediency tickets are divided by last name, with each booth handling one half of the alphabet (A-M & N-Z). Please go to the booth marked with the first letter of the last name your tickets were booked under.
Staff will have your tickets printed and ready for pickup. They will also be available to answer any questions you have.
If you have had your tickets mailed and have lost them, staff will be equipped to assist you.

You may be asked COVID screening questions.  If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, your party will be directed to return home, self-isolate and seek medical attention.  Alternate ticketing arrangements will be discussed the next business day.

The primary restrooms for the Harvest Stage will be located in Shed 3.  You will walk by them on the way to the stage.  There are also temporary portable toilets closer to the stage.

Face Coverings
At this time (December 2022), it is still too early to know what the state of COVID-19 will be in Ontario 6 months from now.
We anticipate that all Festival staff and volunteers will continue to wear masks.  Decisions about audience mask requirements will be made closer to the summer season.
We know that masking is one way we can continue to care for each other as a community.  So our long term planning is dedicated to keeping our performers, volunteers, staff, and audiences as safe as possible throughout the summer. We are also particularly cognizant of members of our community who are immunocompromised and at greater risk.

Hand sanitizer will be available at multiple locations at the site.  Chairs will be sanitized between performances.

Hearing Assist Devices
Hearing Assist Devices are available at both the Harvest Stage and Memorial Hall. Please ask Box Office or Front of House staff and one will be provided.
At the Harvest Stage, all performers will be using microphones.

In 2023, all productions will have an intermission, with the exception of The Waltz.  Please see the show-specific pages for intermission details.

No alcohol is permitted at the Harvest Stage site.

Please note: pets are not allowed, with the exception of service dogs.