True Confessions from the Ninth Concession Fund-raiser – May 23 to May 25, 2019

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By Dan Needles. Starring Dan Needles and Ian Bell

A loving and humorous look at life through story and song. 

This duo brings to stage the tales of rural life accumulated by Dan Needles since he and his wife left the city in 1988 to start a family on a 40-acre farm two hours north of Toronto. There, they raised sheep, cattle, chickens, pigs and, eventually, children. With Dan as orator and Ian as musician, they take us on a journey through life on Larkspur Farm and draw us into the wider human community of the Back Settlement. We’ll get tips on the rural wave, how to interpret weather signs and the correct approach to a one-lane bridge. We’ll also hear about the unlikely friendship between a “borderline” collie and an odd duck name Ferdinand, as well as recollections of a rooster gone rogue, an escaped pig and the risk of giving a name a Sunday entrée.

Whether you’re from the city or the country, you’ll find an evening of laughter in this fund-raising event that supports New Play Development at the Blyth Festival.

Tickets are $45.

Ian Bell and Dan Needles on stage at Aoelian Hall, London, earlier this year.

What does the media say about Dan Needles?

“Dan Needles can find the humour in everyday things, such as his dog, Dexter, who rules the front porch of his hobby farm,” wrote Joe Belanger, an entertainment reporter at the London Free Press, in an article that ran early in the new year.

“Dexter is the best dog I ever had,” said Needles, in his interview with Belanger.

“He takes terrific naps, in fact he’s developing naps into an art form . .  . Dexter is an Akbash, a Turkish livestock protection dog, but he hasn’t done the reading. He prefers strong coffee, steam baths and long afternoon naps. Not a purebred. There’s a bit of Walmart greeter in him, too.”

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