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Paul Dunn

Paul is very happy to return to the Blyth Festival, after a memorable experience of performing in Mark Crawford’s Bed and Breakfast here in 2019. [...]

Paul Dunn2023-05-16T07:27:54-04:00

Rachel Jones

For Blyth: Joanna Donnelly, various in The Donnelly Trilogy; In the Wake of Wettlaufer; Cake-Walk. Elsewhere (selected): Hamlet and Death and the King’s Horseman (Stratford [...]

Rachel Jones2023-05-16T07:28:33-04:00

Mark Uhre

Mark is thrilled to be creating with such an incredible company at Blyth.  Most recently Mark created and performed Seeds of Self for the Grand [...]

Mark Uhre2023-06-01T18:00:46-04:00

Masae Day

Masae Day is delighted to be performing with the Blyth Festival for the first time. Based in Vancouver BC, she has worked with theatre companies [...]

Masae Day2023-06-01T18:00:04-04:00
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