THE NEW CANADIAN CURLING CLUB – JUNE 20 – September 21, 2018

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The New Canadian Curling Club by Mark Crawford.

From Mark Crawford, the playwright who brought us the smash hits The Birds and the Bees and Stag and Doe, comes a hilarious new comedy with a rich heart. The essential premise is a small town in rural Southwestern Ontario with an ice rink, a refugee resettlement program, and a “Learn to Curl” class.

In an effort to welcome sponsored Syrian refugees to the town, the municipality offers a free, introductory “Learn to Curl” program, open to anyone. In addition to a young Syrian girl, everyone who signs up happens to be a newcomer from across the globe, each with their own story. The night before the very first class, the woman from municipal Parks & Rec, who organized the outreach event, falls and breaks her hip. Consequently, the duty to teach “Learn to Curl” falls on the custodian/Zamboni driver, Stuart, a former champion curler, and unfortunately, a man with some…well…er… opinions about immigrants.

What follows is a hilarious and inspiring story of an unlikely group of would-be athletes who face off against local prejudice to become a true team, and end up competing in the most prestigious local bonspiel tournament: the highly coveted Royal Highlander trophy.

“Mark knows our audience so very well and has built something truly special for us, with plenty of curling right on stage,” says Artistic Director Gil Garratt.

Cast (in alphabetical order)

  • MATTHEW GIN Mike Chang
  • MARCIA JOHNSON Charmaine Bailey
  • LORNE KENNEDY Stuart MacPhail
  • OMAR ALEX KHAN Anoopjeet Singh
  • PARMIDA VAND Fatima Al-Sayed

Creative Team

  • MILES POTTER Director
  • STEVE LUCAS Production Designer
  • MICHELLE BOHN Costume Designer
  • VERNE GOOD Sound Designer
  • HEATHER THOMPSON Production Stage Manager
  • KATERINA SOKYRKO Assistant Stage Manager

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Play Showings

CurlingWednesdayJune 20, 20188pmBUY TICKETS
CurlingThursdayJune 21, 20188pmBUY TICKETS
CurlingFridayJune 22, 2018 (Opening Night Gala Dinner)8pmBUY TICKETS
CurlingFridayJune 22, 2018n/aBUY TICKETS
CurlingSaturdayJune 30, 2018 (Country Supper Available at Blyth Legion)8pmBUY TICKETS
CurlingTuesdayJuly 3, 20182pmBUY TICKETS
CurlingThursdayJuly 5, 20188pmBUY TICKETS
CurlingFridayJuly 6, 2018 (Country Supper Available at Brussels Legion)8pmBUY TICKETS
CurlingSaturdayJuly 7, 2018 (Country Supper Available at Trinity Anglican)2pmBUY TICKETS
CurlingTuesdayJuly 10, 20188pmBUY TICKETS
CurlingWednesdayJuly 11, 20182pmBUY TICKETS
CurlingThursdayJuly 12, 20182pmBUY TICKETS
CurlingSaturdayJuly 14, 2018 ((Country Supper Available at Walton Hall)8pmBUY TICKETS
CurlingSundayJuly 15, 20182pmBUY TICKETS
CurlingTuesdayJuly 17, 20182pmBUY TICKETS
CurlingThursdayJuly 19, 20188pmBUY TICKETS
CurlingFridayJuly 20, 2018 (Country Supper Available at Blyth Legion)8pmBUY TICKETS
CurlingSaturdayJuly 21, 2018 (Country Supper Available at Blyth United)2pmBUY TICKETS
CurlingTuesdayJuly 24, 20188pmBUY TICKETS
CurlingWednesdayJuly 25, 20182pmBUY TICKETS
CurlingThursdayJuly 26, 20182pmBUY TICKETS
CurlingSaturdayAugust 11, 2018 (Fish Fry, Lower Hall, Blyth Memorial Hall)8pmBUY TICKETS
CurlingTuesdayAugust 21, 20188pmBUY TICKETS
CurlingWednesdayAugust 22, 20182pmBUY TICKETS
CurlingThursdayAugust 23, 20182pmBUY TICKETS
CurlingTuesdaySeptember 18, 20188pmBUY TICKETS
CurlingWednesdaySeptember 19, 20182pmBUY TICKETS
CurlingThursdaySeptember 20, 20182pmBUY TICKETS
CurlingThursdaySeptember 20, 20188pmBUY TICKETS
CurlingFridaySeptember 21, 20188pmBUY TICKETS