Steve Lucas

Set and Lighting Designer

Set and Lighting Designer

Blyth Credits:
Set and lights and projections for: Innocence Lost: The Steven Trusscott Project; The New Canadian Curling Club; Test Drive and Billy Bishop Goes to War

Set and light design for: The Ballad of Stompin’ Tom; Queen Milli of Galt; The Pigeon King;
If Truth Be Told; A Huron County Christmas Carol.

Lighting design for:
Pearl Gidley; Stag and Doe; The Wilberforce Hotel; Hockey Mom, Hockey Dad;

Set design for: Seeds

Since 1987 Steve has designed award winning sets and lighting for more than 500 productions of theatre, dance and performance art. His work has toured extensively and has been seen in 27 countries around the world.

Steve has received several awards including four Dora Awards for his designs. He has also been nominated for several of Canada’s most prestigious awards including the Siminovitch