Heather Thompson

Stage Manager

For the Blyth Festival:  The Pigeon King; Jumbo; The Team on The Hill; The New Canadian Curling Club; 1837: The Farmers’ Revolt; Mr. New Year’s Eve; Kitchen Radio; Stag and Doe; Beyond The Farm Show; Garrison’s Garage; Dear Johnny Deere; The Devil We Know; The Nuttalls; Hockey Mom, Hockey Dad; The Bootblack Orator

Elsewhere:  Heather has worked as a stage manager for various companies across Canada including Native Earth Performing Arts, Opera Atelier, Obsidian Theatre Company, Theatre Smith-Gilmour, Bound to Create Theatre, Theatre North West, Coal Mine Theatre & Studio 180, Clawhammer Theatre, Factory Theatre

Other:  Being back in Blyth and making theatre on the new Harvest Stage under the magnificent Huron County sky is a treasured gift.  Thank you to Rebecca and J.D., Rachael and Gil, Jen, Ryan, Jennifer, Liam, Brody, the FOH team (you folks are a force), and you for making it possible.