You did it! You Helped Us Raise Another $52K To Bale The Mortgage!

As you may recall, in 2022 we took a leap of faith and bought a small apartment building to provide permanent (and reliable) accommodation for our artistic company. We did this because we’d been having more and more trouble housing these folks, and we knew full well the festival couldn’t continue if the actors and other artists didn’t have a place to stay in Blyth.

We also realized our best strategy would be to pay off the mortgage on this property as soon as possible. So, we turned once more to you – our loyal members – for help with a plan to make this happen. Our mortgage allows us to make lump-sum payments directly to the principle on every anniversary date. So we asked you to help us raise $52K to “Mow Down the Mortgage” last summer.

We couldn’t believe how quickly, positively, and generously you responded. For several astonishing weeks, every mail delivery brought us another cheque … and another … and another – along with your notes of encouragement and support. It was and is so moving.

Then we announced Phase Two of this campaign, “Bale the Mortgage.” And wow did you bale us out!

Our goal to raise another $52K by December 31st has been achieved! We are blown away! THANK YOU!

You and the Blyth family have always looked after the artists who come here to make the magic every summer. Your gifts will continue this amazing and humbling tradition.

You have the sincere thanks and gratitude of every actor, designer, director, stage manager and theatre technician who will ever stay in this residence.


Gil Garratt and the whole Blyth Festival team

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