Saving Graceland


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Show Times:

Jun 19 - Aug 03, 2024


Approx 2h 20mins



Memorial Hall

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Youth: $20

Previews: $40

          Groups: $43 (one complimentary ticket per 20 people)    

Saving Graceland
by Gil Garratt

Memorial Hall – World Premiere

It’s 2019 in Clinton, ON. Newly retired and ready for adventure, Gord and Orillia have been Elvis fans since they were teenagers. In twenty-five years, they’ve never missed their annual pilgrimage to the Collingwood Elvis Festival. Having sold their business, they’re now ready to embrace nothing but Presley and the CPP. But when they can’t find their daughter, and their only grandchild arrives on the doorstep, everyone’s future plans are upended in ways no one dreamed.

A love-me-tender family drama about the King and kincare.

Runs from Wednesday, June 19, 2024 to Saturday, August 3, 2024
Approximate running time: 2 hours and 20 minutes

Tickets on sale to members by phone starting February 5, 2024

Tickets on sale to general public by phone and website starting April 2, 2024

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Play Showings

Saving Graceland (Preview)Wednesday19 June 20248:00 PM
Saving Graceland (Preview)Thursday20 June 20248:00 PM
Saving Graceland (Opening)Friday21 June 20248:00 PM
Saving GracelandSaturday22 June 20242:00 PM
Saving GracelandTuesday25 June 20242:00 PM
Saving GracelandWednesday26 June 20242:00 PM
Saving GracelandWednesday26 June 20248:00 PM
Saving GracelandThursday27 June 20242:00 PM
Saving GracelandFriday28 June 20242:00 PM
Saving GracelandWednesday10 July 20248:00 PM
Saving GracelandWednesday10 July 20242:00 PM
Saving GracelandThursday11 July 20242:00 PM
Saving GracelandTuesday16 July 20242:00 PM
Saving GracelandFriday19 July 20242:00 PM
Saving GracelandSaturday03 August 20248:00 PM