REVIEW: There is a powerful and relevant story to be told

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“While there is a compelling and interesting story to be told in Judith: Memories of a Lady Pig Farmer, the Blyth Festival may not have found it just yet.

Judith: Memories of a Lady Pig Farmer opened on the Memorial Hall stage on Friday night. It is playwright Heather Davies’ ambitious adaptation of the novel Judith, written by Aritha van Herk. Not only had it been announced earlier that day that van Herk would become a Member of the Order of Canada, but she was also in the Festival audience that night.” ~ Shawn Loughlin, The Citizen

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Photo: Judith: Memories of a Lady Pig Farmer opens at the Blyth Festival runs until Aug. 11. Pictured is Georgina Beaty as Judith. Photo credit: Terry Manzo.