REVIEW: The laughs come one on top of the next in Cakewalk

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Playwright Collen Curran first wrote Cakewalk for the Blyth Festival in 1984.  Then it made the rounds of area theatres, and I was fortunate enough to see it in 1985 at the old Victoria Playhouse in Petrolia.  So it was interesting to see its return 35 years later, writes Mary Alderson in her blog, Entertain This Thought.

I was concerned that the comedy would not have withstood the test of time.  Let’s face it; TV sitcoms like Three’s Company or Who’s the Boss, so popular in 1984, just don’t seem as funny in 2019, she wrote.

But, no worries!  The hilarious comedy in Cakewalk still stands.  Curran can take pride in the fact that her story has that necessary element of truth in it that makes the comedy timeless.  

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Photo: Cakewalk is a delicious comedy that runs at the Blyth Festival until Aug. 10. Creative team includes: playwright Colleen Curran, director Kelli Fox, set and costume designer Laura Gardner, lighting designer Louise Guinand and sound designer Verne Good. Stage management by Christine Oakey and Daniel Oulton. Photo credit: Terry Manzo.