REVIEW: “The cast is brilliant, changing roles constantly”

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“Gil Garratt tells us that interviews were conducted to collect the local legends about Blyth’s favourite watering hole, The Boot.  He claims the names were changed to protect the innocent and the guilty.   But throughout the audience on opening night, there was laughter of recognition, and the type of giggles you hear when someone is telling tall tales,” says Mary Alderson, in her review posted on Entertain This Thought.

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Cutline: Wing Night at the Boot is written and performed by Nathan Howe, Daniel Roberts, Georgina Beaty, Graham Cuthbertson, Marion Day and Tony Munch. Co-authored and directed by Severn Thompson. Creative team: Anita Nitoly, fight director; Jenna McCutchen, set designer; Jennifer Triemstra-Johnston, costume designer; Itai Erdal, lighting designer; and Heidi Chan, sound designer. Stage management by Christine Oakey and Daniel Oulton. Photo credit: Terry Manzo