REVIEW: “…quick and funny, and has a joyous, wonderful ending”

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If you’ve ever entered food in a competition, you already understand the angst surrounding such a contest and some of the unbelievable levels to which people will stoop in order to win.
That’s the setting for the Blyth Festival‘s sweet, fast-paced comedy, “Cakewalk,” which opened Friday night in a most decadent fashion, writes Liz Dadson, of The Kincardine Record, an online media outlet.
Not only did the opening night audience members enjoy a Cake Parade, piped in by artistic director Gil Garratt, but during intermission, they were also allowed to taste each of 10 cakes in the competition and choose the winner for the “People’s Choice” award.
Written by Colleen Curran, “Cakewalk” premiered at the Blyth Festival in 1984 and went on to international acclaim. In celebration of Blyth’s 45th anniversary, the play was added to this year’s season.
And what a treat!
Curran, who was in the opening night audience, said she is thrilled to see the play on stage again. “I was watching the previews, and it’s fabulous.”

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Photo: Cakewalk is a delicious comedy that runs at the Blyth Festival until Aug. 10. Creative team includes: playwright Colleen Curran, director Kelli Fox, set and costume designer Laura Gardner, lighting designer Louise Guinand and sound designer Verne Good. Stage management by Christine Oakey and Daniel Oulton. Photo credit: Terry Manzo.