REVIEW: “An incredible story, perfectly told”

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“Nothing is more historic and memorable than a good fist fight at the local bar. Such is the raucous and bawdy tale of the history of the Blyth Inn, beautifully captured in the Blyth Festival Theatre’s Wing Night at the Boot,” says Liz Dadson of the Kincardine Record.

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Cutline: Wing Night at the Boot is written and performed by Georgina Beaty (front), Tony Munch, Nathan Howe, Daniel Roberts, Graham Cuthbertson and Marion Day. Co-authored and directed by Severn Thompson. Creative team: Anita Nitoly, fight director; Jenna McCutchen, set designer; Jennifer Triemstra-Johnston, costume designer; Itai Erdal, lighting designer; and Heidi Chan, sound designer. Stage management by Christine Oakey and Daniel Oulton. Photo credit: Terry Manzo