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Charlotte Dennis

Role: Jay
Categories: Onion Skins & Peach Fuzz: The Farmerettes

Charlotte Dennis is an actor, writer and a dancer just for fun. She is a graduate of the acting program at The National Theatre School of Canada. Charlotte was a part of the Soulpepper Academy in 2023. Recent Theatre credits include: The Walk-up (Soulpepper), What Rough Beast (Centaur Theatre), Martyr (ARC), Boston Marriage (Headstrong Collective), Dimples (Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin). Film/TV credits include: Murdoch Mysteries (S17), Forever Young (S3), Alex & Isla (MayDay Pictures). Voice Over work: CBC PlayMe, The Tunnel Runners. “I’m so grateful to be playin’ around with this group of women this summer! Thank you so much x”

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