Jewel by Joan MacLeod

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Playwright, Joan MacLeod

A breath-takingly beautiful, funny and heart breaking play about a young couple who buy a cattle ranch in Alberta and set about the farm life they’ve always wanted. To pay the mortgage, her husband takes a job in the oil patch for half the year. When he’s offered the chance to work on a rig in Newfoundland, the couple see a clear way to fulfill their dreams. A tragedy at sea, and an unspeakable loss, lead a young woman to relive the greatest love of her life; from their first Valentine’s day, to their last. Originally premiered in 1987, this stunning Canadian classic, will be performed by Rebecca Auerbach and directed by JD Nicholsen.
Jewel premiered at the Tarragon Theatre in Toronto, ON  in 1987. Jewel is staged by arrangement with Pam Winter, GGA,

Play Showings

JewelWednesdaySeptember 22, 20217:00pmBUY TICKETS ONLINE
JewelThursdaySeptember 23, 20214:00pmBUY TICKETS ONLINE
JewelFridaySeptember 24, 20214:00pmBUY TICKETS ONLINE
JewelSaturdaySeptember 25, 20217:00pmBUY TICKETS ONLINE
JewelSundaySeptember 26, 20214:00pmBUY TICKETS ONLINE
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JewelThursdaySeptember 30, 20215:00pmBUY TICKETS ONLINE
JewelFridayOctober 1, 20217:00pmBUY TICKETS ONLINE
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JewelSundayOctober 3, 20214:00pmBUY TICKETS ONLINE