10 x 10 in 2020!

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Online Art Auction in support of the Blyth Festival

Blyth Festival has partnered with a growing number of artists from our community and beyond to come up with a fun and creative way to support the Blyth Festival while adding original works of art to your collection.

Each work of art was created by local and regional artists and donated to help the Blyth Festival in this challenging time. Thanks to all the artists for their generosity and support for Blyth Festival. All works of art have an assigned value which was established by the artist.   Auction bids start at 50% of the value.  Bid increments are by $5.00 or more.

First bids will be accepted as of November 10th at 10 am and last bids as of and Dec 10 at 10 am.

Timing of deliveries or mailing of purchased pieces:
Blyth Festival will contact all purchasers directly starting Dec 10 to finalize credit card payments and delivery/pick up/shipping arrangements.
Shipping charges of $20.00 per piece may apply. If you purchase more than one piece and need it mailed we will inform you of the cost by phone or email.

Visit our online auction site to register and BID NOW

Please take this opportunity to support the arts organizations that are important to you. We all need your support now more than ever.

This event is generously sponsored by the following:  Laurel Armstrong, Cindy Fisher, Colleen Maguire,  Clair Soper, Elizabeth Van den Broeck & Joan Karstens
Artwork photography generously supported by Colleen Maguire

For additional information please contact:
Cindy Fisher, Art Auction Co-ordinator, 519-524-8730 / BF10x10@gmail.com  or
Jennifer Lamb, Director of Audience Development & Services, 519-523-9300 ext. 208