Short answer: the heat. In 2021, we tried to avoid the mid-day heat by having our matinees at 4pm and in 2022 we had less matinees overall and even tried a morning performance. Unfortunately, these performances were still extremely difficult on our audiences, actors, and staff. So, for everyone’s health and safety, matinees will only take place indoors at Memorial Hall.

We encourage patrons to select “Hold My Tickets at Will Call” as it is the most environmentally friendly option. We will mail your tickets upon request. 

Tickets for Memorial Hall performances can be picked up on the day of the performance at the Box Office in the main Memorial Hall Building – 431 Queen St. 

Tickets for Harvest Stage performances can be picked up on the day of the performance at the Check In Booths at the Arena Parking Lot – 377 Gypsy Lane. 

At home ticket printing leads to more paper being used, as not all of our patrons have smart phones that can display electronic tickets. 

Your receipt is not a ticket. You will need to pick up your tickets at the Box Office or Check In Booth. 

We can email you a confirmation of your tickets upon request. This is not a ticket.

More information on our ticket and seating policies can be found here.

At this time (December 2022), it is still too early to know what the state of COVID-19 will be in Ontario 6 months from now.
We anticipate that all Festival staff and volunteers will continue to wear masks.  Decisions about audience mask requirements will be made closer to the summer season.
We know that masking is one way we can continue to care for each other as a community.  So our long term planning is dedicated to keeping our performers, volunteers, staff, and audiences as safe as possible throughout the summer. We are also particularly cognizant of members of our community who are immunocompromised and at greater risk. 

The indoor bathrooms for the Harvest Stage are located in Shed 3.  You will walk by them on the way to the stage.  There are also portable bathrooms closer to the stage.

More information about what to expect at our outdoor venue can be found here.

The Harvest Stage is a permanent, open-air, outdoor venue and is not a tent. 

There is sun protection for the audience in the form of a canopy-like structure that provides shade. That said, we have seen quite a lot of weather fluctuations in the last couple years. At times it can still be hot and humid under the canopy, and it can get quite chilly when the sun goes down, particularly as we get later into August.

We recommend dressing for the weather, bringing a water bottle, and a sweater or blanket. We also recommend sturdy shoes as there will be gravel to walk on.

In the event of significant rainfall, or extreme weather, performances may be moved indoors to Memorial Hall. All ticket holders will be contacted and directed to Memorial Hall. In this case, seating will be by general admission.

In extremely rare cases where it’s determined that it would be unsafe for audiences to travel to or from the venue (for example a tornado warning) the performance will be cancelled. All ticket holders will be contacted as soon as possible to let them know we’ve had to cancel. We will do our best to accommodate audience members at a future performance, otherwise tickets can either be donated or refunded.

More information on our ticket and ticketing policies can be found here.

More information about what to expect at our outdoor venue can be found here.

Memorial Hall’s capacity is 379. This includes five (5) designated usher seats and four (4) designated barrier free spaces (these spaces are not seats, they are spaces for wheelchairs).

While we’re still working out the last details of the Harvest Stage permanent seating plan, we do know that The Harvest Stage will have a similar capacity to Memorial Hall.

This year parties will not be physically distanced at Memorial Hall or the Harvest Stage.

If you, or one of your household, require a barrier free wheelchair seat, or other accessible seating accommodation, please advise Box Office staff when ordering tickets.

More information on our ticket and seating policies can be found here.

The main parking area for the Harvest Stage is located at the Community Arena parking lot.  The address is 377 Gypsy Lane. There is an approximately 400m walk, on a well-packed gravel road, from the parking lot to the Harvest Stage. This walk is mostly flat until it slopes into the ‘bowl’ that houses the stage area.  In your planning, please allow 10-15 minutes for leisurely travel from the parking lot to the stage.

There are 8 barrier free parking spots, and 2 limited mobility parking spots at the Harvest Stage site, close to the stage.  There is also the possibility of dropping off members of your party at the site and then return to parking at the arena.  Please advise Box Office staff of accessibility needs at the time of ticket purchase.  With limited accessible parking, we do our best to reserve the spaces ahead of time.

More information about what to expect at our outdoor venue can be found here.

For Memorial Hall, you can also park at the Arena (Memorial Hall is 1.5 village blocks away), or on any side street within the designated spaces (please obey any signage posted by the township). There is also a Municipal Parking Lot across the street from the theatre at 209 Drummond St as well as some parking main street (Queen St).

The four spaces directly in front of the theatre must be kept clear as a Fire Lane in case of emergencies. However, before the show, this lane can be used to drop off members of your party who need it.

The seating area is arranged in a semicircle around the thrust stage. There are tiers, like an amphitheatre, each ending in a gravel ramp. Each tier has a row of seats, not a bench or bleachers. The seats all have backs and arm rests.  (For those who have joined us before – in 2023 new permanent seats are being installed!)

More information about what to expect at our outdoor venue can be found here.

Both Memorial Hall and the Harvest Stage allow for drop-offs close to the venue. At Memorial Hall there are concrete sidewalks between most parking areas and the venue. At the Harvest Stage there are eight (8) barrier free parking spaces and two (2) limited mobility parking spaces directly beside the venue.  To reserve a Harvest Stage barrier free parking space, please contact the box office in advance

Memorial Hall features four (4) designated barrier free spaces for wheelchair users.  There are additional seats that can be converted to space for wheelchair users, and 14 seats that can have the arm rests lifted to allow transfer access to the seat.

Memorial Hall has a lift that allows barrier free access to the Orchestra Level. The rows of the Orchestra are on a raked floor, so while the aisles do not have any stairs they are sloped. The lift also can take patrons to the Balcony level, however there are a couple of stairs to reach the entrance door and the rows are on three tiers.

Each tier at the Harvest Stage ends in a gravel ramp. Patrons using wheelchairs, walkers, or other mobility aids should be able to reach all tiers.

The permanent Harvest Stage seating plan includes barrier free seating locations as well as numerous movable armrests for transfer into a seat.

Performers at the Harvest Stage wear microphones.

Hearing Assist Devices are available at both the Harvest Stage and Memorial Hall. Please ask Box Office or Front of House staff and one will be provided.

At this time, in accordance with Government of Ontario guidelines, proof of vaccination is not required to attend performances

No, at this time there are not concerts or other events booked outside of the Festival season.  Concerts and other special performances, other than the Festival season, are usually organized and produced by outside companies who rent Memorial Hall. As we gradually build back operations these activities will resume.

There will be two passes available this year – The Donnelly Pass and the Bonanza Pass.

The Donnelly Pass ($135) is for three tickets, one for each part of the Donnelly Trilogy. Available until February 4, 2023.
The Bonanza Pass ($175) is for four tickets, one for each play of Bonanza Weekend. Bonanza weekend will take place August 4th,5th, and 6th. Bonanza Weekend features the Donnelly Trilogy presented in order over 3 nights, as well as the opening, and world premiere, of Chronicles of Sarnia. There are many other exciting events throughout Bonanza Weekend that only come around once a year!  Bonanza Passes are available until March 31, 2023.

Bonanza Weekend celebrates the mid-point of the Festival’s summer season. It’s always been a celebration of the current season and how far we’ve come, and the celebration has taken a few different forms. Often, when we’re in repertory, it’s the one weekend of the summer when you could catch most, if not all, of the productions in one weekend. This year, Bonanza will be August 4th, 5th, and 6th. Bonanza will feature the three parts of the Donnelly Trilogy presented in order over three nights as well as the world premiere of Chronicles of Sarnia. There will be other special events announced closer to the weekend.