Fair Play July 15th – September 3rd 2020

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Season Suspended

(A Return to the Ransiers of The Team on the Hill)  

July 15-September 3

Opens July 17

By Dan Needles

Twenty years after The Team on the Hill we catch up with the young Ransier couple and find much has changed. Larry has taken the 200 acre cattle farm to a 2,000 acre cash crop operation. But his success as a farmer has come at a cost: he has no time, no neighbours and his hometown is in decline. Worst of all, Leanne has had enough of loneliness and stress and has moved into town with a girlfriend to find new purpose with the Persephone Little Theatre. The magnetic artistic director has convinced her she is their company’s next great artist in waiting. Afraid of losing her forever, Larry does the only thing he can think of to win back his wife’s affections: he auditions for the play.   

A funny, wry, and heartfelt follow up about the sacrifices we wittingly and unwittingly make in an effort to keep love alive.

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Play Showings

Fair PlayWednesdayJuly 15, 2020 (Preview)8pmBUY Passes
Fair PlayThursdayJuly 16, 2020 (Preview)8pmBUY Passes
Fair PlayFridayJuly 17 2020 (Opening, Country Supper Available at Walton, Hall)8pmBUY Passes
Fair PlayTuesdayJuly 21, 20208pmBUY Passes
Fair PlayThursdayJuly 23, 20208pmBUY Passes
Fair PlaySaturdayAugust 1, 20202pmBUY Passes
Fair PlayTuesdayAugust 4, 20208pmBUY Passes
Fair PlayWednesdayAugust 5, 20202pmBUY Passes
Fair PlayThursdayAugust 6, 20202pmBUY Passes
Fair PlaySaturdayAugust 8, 20202pm (Bonanza)BUY Passes
Fair PlayThursdayAugust 13, 20208pmBUY Passes
Fair PlayFridayAugust 14, 2020 (Country Supper Available at Blyth Legion)8pmBUY Passes
Fair PlaySaturdayAugust 15, 2020 2pmBUY Passes
Fair PlayTuesdayAugust 18, 2020 8pmBUY Passes
Fair PlayWednesdayAugust 19, 2020 2pmBUY Passes
Fair PlayThursdayAugust 20, 2020 2pmBUY Passes
Fair PlaySaturdayAugust 22, 2020 (Country Supper Available at Blyth Legion)8pmBUY Passes
Fair PlaySundayAugust 23, 20202pmBUY Passes
Fair PlayTuesdayAugust 25, 20202pmBUY Passes
Fair PlayThursdayAugust 27, 20208pmBUY Passes
Fair PlayFridayAugust 28, 20208pmBUY Passes
Fair PlaySaturdayAugust 29, 20202pmBUY Passes
Fair PlayTuesdaySeptember 1, 20208pmBUY Passes
Fair PlayWednesdaySeptember 2, 20202pmBUY Passes
Fair PlayThursdaySeptember 3, 20202pm (Closing)BUY Passes