Corporate Giving

As a Corporate Sponsor with Blyth Festival, your company will receive visibility and profile through our extensive marketing and promotional materials. Additionally,  you will have the opportunity to take advantage of a variety of client-hosting and entertaining opportunities. Each sponsorship opportunity is designed with your company’s needs in mind. Sponsoring a production at the Blyth Festival offers businesses an opportunity to give back and reinvest in the local region, while at the same time reaching a targeted demographic to strengthen your own business plan.

If you have any questions regarding ways you can support the Blyth Festival, or about benefits please call Jen Lamb at 1-877-862-5984 ext. 208 or send an email to

“The arts are an integral part of our civil society. It tells our stories and brings us together. In The Wake of Wettlaufer does this and does so in part, through a legal lens. Supporting this project was an easy decision for us to make.” ~ The Ross Firm, Production Co-Sponsor of In the Wake of Wettlaufer

Our Audience:

Blyth Festival patrons from Southwestern Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area represent the majority of our audience, with a strong presence in Midwestern Ontario.

54% of Blyth Festival patrons have annual household incomes over $60,000 and over 25% have incomes over $100,000.

The top four sectors employing Blyth Festival patrons include sales and services, trades and transportation, business finance and administration, and primary industries, such as farming.

Blyth Festival patrons are not frivolous consumers—they purchase what they value.

Blyth Festival patrons are engaged in their communities though volunteerism and financial support.

All sponsorships are tailored to address the individual needs of your company. For more information please call Jennifer Lamb at 1.877.862.5984 ext. 208. To learn how you can become a Performance Host click here.