Cakewalk – June 26 to August 10, 2019

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Cakewalk by Colleen Curran

In celebration of our 45th anniversary, we are bringing back one of the sweetest, most requested revivals in our decorated history. Cakewalk by Colleen Curran is a delicious comedy that premiered at the Blyth Festival in 1984 and went on to international acclaim.

In celebration of Canada Day, a small town decides to hold a cake baking competition and everyone from the community is lining up for the chance to win a dream vacation and county-wide bragging rights.

It’s enough to bring a local nun out of her habit, send a mother-of-the-bride running with five layers (topper and all), and to unleash the winner-take-all cut-throat tactics of the town’s normally dependable Cub Scout troop leader. The oven mitts are off.

Someone’s going home with the trophy, and someone is getting butter-creamed.

This show will be the icing on our 45th anniversary cake.

(Image by Kelly Stevenson)

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Play Showings

WednesdayJune 26, 20198pmBUY SEASON PASSES
ThursdayJune 27, 20198pmBUY SEASON PASSES
FridayJune 28, 20198pmBUY SEASON PASSES
TuesdayJuly 2, 20192pmBUY SEASON PASSES
ThursdayJuly 4, 20198pmBUY SEASON PASSES
FridayJuly 5, 20198pmBUY SEASON PASSES
SaturdayJuly 6, 20192pmBUY SEASON PASSES
TuesdayJuly 9, 20198pmBUY SEASON PASSES
WednesdayJuly 10, 20192pmBUY SEASON PASSES
ThursdayJuly 11, 20192pmBUY SEASON PASSES
SaturdayJuly 13, 20198pmBUY SEASON PASSES
SundayJuly 14, 20192pmBUY SEASON PASSES
TuesdayJuly 16, 20192pmBUY SEASON PASSES
ThursdayJuly 18, 20198pmBUY SEASON PASSES
FridayJuly 19, 20198pmBUY SEASON PASSES
SaturdayJuly 20, 20192pmBUY SEASON PASSES
TuesdayJuly 23, 20198pmBUY SEASON PASSES
WednesdayJuly 24, 20192pmBUY SEASON PASSES
ThursdayJuly 25, 20192pmBUY SEASON PASSES
SaturdayAugust 10, 20192pmBUY SEASON PASSES