Bed and Breakfast – September 11 to September 28, 2019

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Bed and Breakfast by Mark Crawford

Brett and Drew, are a young professional couple caught in the stifling, soul-crushing climb up the corporate ladder in Toronto. Living together in a minuscule condo, and trying in vain to carve out a future, the clouds suddenly part when Brett’s beloved Aunt Maggie passes away and leaves her nephew a stately Victorian home in the tiny tourist town where Brett grew up.

Faced with another year in the rat-race, or the fantasy of moving to the country and opening a B&B, they decide to embark on a new frontier of lavender pillow sachets and fresh scones, far from the fumes of the 401.

But can these big city boys really adapt to a life with fewer lattés? Can the chin wagging locals at the gas bar cope with change? Is the sleepy little town ready to welcome Brett back to the fold?

Bed and Breakfast is a slap-down, drag ’em out comedy about being truly “out” in small town Ontario; a heartfelt knee-slapper about the secrets that we keep, and the sometimes challenging joy of choosing a place to call home.

In five short years, Mark Crawford has gone from a never-produced playwright making his debut at the Blyth Festival as the author of 2014’s Stag and Doe to being one of the most produced playwrights in all of Canada. Of Mark’s four plays for adults, three premiered at Blyth (Stag and Doe, 2014, The Birds and the Bees, 2016, and The New Canadian Curling Club, 2018).

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Play Showings

WednesdaySeptember 11, 20198pmBUY SEASON PASSES
ThursdaySeptember 12, 20198pmBUY SEASON PASSES
FridaySeptember 13, 20198pmBUY SEASON PASSES
SaturdaySeptember 14, 20192pmBUY SEASON PASSES
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TuesdaySeptember 17, 20192pmBUY SEASON PASSES
TuesdaySeptember 17, 20198pmBUY SEASON PASSES
WednesdaySeptember 18, 20192pmBUY SEASON PASSES
ThursdaySeptember 19, 20192pmBUY SEASON PASSES
ThursdaySeptember 19, 20198pmBUY SEASON PASSES
FridaySeptember 20, 20198pmBUY SEASON PASSES
SaturdaySeptember 21, 20192pmBUY SEASON PASSES
SaturdaySeptember 21, 20198pmBUY SEASON PASSES
TuesdaySeptember 24, 20192pmBUY SEASON PASSES
TuesdaySeptember 24, 20198pmBUY SEASON PASSES
WednesdaySeptember 25, 20192pmBUY SEASON PASSES
ThursdaySeptember 26, 20182pmBUY SEASON PASSES
ThursdaySeptember 26, 20188pmBUY SEASON PASSES
FridaySeptember 27, 20188pmBUY SEASON PASSES
SaturdaySeptember 28, 20182pmBUY SEASON PASSES
SaturdaySeptember 28, 20188pmBUY SEASON PASSES