Assassinating Thomson by Bruce Horak

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Performed & Created by Bruce Horak
Originally Directed by Ryan Gladstone

Bruce Horak plays himself in this show, his Blyth festival debut; A gifted performer and a brilliant visual artist, Bruce has been  legally blind since childhood. In ASSASSINATING THOMSON, Horak shares the unique way he sees the world while exploring the truth and lies behind the mysterious death of one of Canada’s greatest artists and unofficial 8th member of the Group of Seven, Tom Thomson. Weaving the famous painters’ biography with the story of the loss of his own vision, Bruce draws the audience into a deep connection to life and the true value of art. Throughout the performance Bruce paints a live portrait of the audience.

September 15 to Oct. 2

Wednesday Sept. 15 and Thursday Sept. 16   7pm

Friday Sept. 17   4pm

Saturday Sept. 18  4pm

Tuesday Sept. 21  4pm

Friday Sept. 24   7 pm

Saturday Sept. 25  4pm

Friday Oct. 1          4pm

Saturday Oct 2      4pm

Play Showings

Assassinating ThomsonWednesdaySeptember 15, 20217:00pmBUY TICKETS ONLINE
Assassinating ThomsonThursdaySeptember 16, 20217:00pmBUY TICKETS ONLINE
Assassinating ThomsonFridaySeptember 17, 20214:00pmBUY TICKETS ONLINE
Assassinating ThomsonSaturdaySeptember 18, 20214:00pmBUY TICKETS ONLINE
Assassinating ThomsonTuesdaySeptember 21, 20214:00pmBUY TICKETS ONLINE
Assassinating ThomsonFridaySeptember 24, 20217:00pmBUY TICKETS ONLINE
Assassinating ThomsonSaturdaySeptember 25, 20214:00pmBUY TICKETS ONLINE
Assassinating ThomsonFridayOctober 1, 20214:00pmBUY TICKETS ONLINE
Assassinating ThomsonSaturdayOctober 2, 20214:00pmBUY TICKETS ONLINE