We Need You!

Actors and other artists need a place to live while in Blyth

Actors on stage

But rental properties and home billets are vanishing from our town


House Sold Sign

Will you help house and support these hard-working artists?



Back in the day, Blyth’s actors and artists were welcomed and housed in a glorious patchwork of home billets, rented farmhouses, and sublet apartments.

Not so much today. Many of our faithful billeting families are no longer comfortable welcoming strangers into their homes (thanks, Covid). And rental properties have all but vanished in today’s housing crisis.

We’re tackling this problem with the purchase of a four-unit apartment building. But we had to take out a pretty big mortgage.

We know this is a responsible long-term decision. But those interest payments are going to put a big dent in what we can spend producing new plays and mentoring new artists.

Your gift will help mow down this mortgage – and shave thousands of $$ off the interest bill!

With your help, we can make a lump-sum payment against this mortgage once a year.

If we can do this for 3 years running, we can reduce interest payments by $142,000. And shave 9 YEARS off the mortgage!

Will you help us?

Our goal today is to raise $52K before year end. Some amazing donors  have already helped us achieve $36,000!

Your gift today will make sure we reach this goal!

Remember: any amount over $20 means a tax receipt for you – plus bragging rights for being part of one more amazing Blyth miracle.

Thank you!